The wonders of Tyrincohd

The land of Tyrincohd is suffused with power. While certainly not wielded as it was in the height of the Deyrnes Empire, even the common people of Tyrincohd know about the power of herbs, charms and fetishes when used correctly. These items have origins in many traditions, some of which are described here.

The College Of Alchemy – Based in the current nation of Deyrnes, the College does maintain a small academy in Barnov whose students and faculty produce many potions, powders and other alchemical materials. Much of these are sold on the open market to fund the College’s rather extensive experiments, and several graduates and gifted drop-outs have set up businesses in Barnov and the surrounding towns peddling many solutions to balding, impotence, palsy and other medical issues.

Hedge Magic – There are numerous traditions, folk remedies, ritual practices and superstitions that produce a whole host of objects that perform miracles great and small. One common practices is the burning of herbs and other plants to produce smoke, either in the form of a “smudge stick” filling the area with vapor or inhaled directly by the user to create a variety of effects. More notorious is the practice is verminaturgy, or the use of the many worms, slugs, rats, insects and other creatures native to the wild places of Tyrinchod to pronounce curses, attack at a distance or even provide divination or insight. Finally is the Ezhdethan tradition of embroidered geometric patterns known as Sira. These complex patterns are sewn into ribbons or articles of clothing, which binds the magic until used by the owner. Once invoked, the spell diminishes the color of the pattern almost inperceptibly to all but the owner.

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The wonders of Tyrincohd

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