A village in southern Elschelin.

Population: 712 permanent

The village of Lesni lies on the eastern bank of the Podersanka River and is surrounded by the Grey Forest. The village is largely self sufficient, with fishing and some small vegetable farmplots providing the majority of food. Seated deep within the Grey Forest, it acts as a commercial hub of sorts for the lumbermen who log the Forest as well as well as the miners who work the copper mines in the nearby Medaks mountain range. During the summer months, the population balloons to nearly 800 as workers from neighboring villages and towns move in to work the camps and mines.

The local government is run by Mayor Leszek Polski with the heads of the major families of citizens acting as advisors in local affairs. These major families include:

The Chladeks – Run by Anton Chladek, the Chladeks have organized the lumbermen of the Forest for generations.


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