Nikolai Grubnov

Hellbent on ending his daughter's unlife


Hideous Adept who Consorts with the Dead


Dr. Niokolai Grubnov made a name for himself pioneering efficient copper comminution techniques after studying chemistry and engineering. Newly wealthy, he quickly married and started a family. His wife died giving birth to their first and only daughter. Nikolai withdrew from the world to raise his daughter, Claudette, and grieve his wife in his secluded mountain villa.

Only rarely would the doctor venture from his manse in his black carriage. On occasion a glimpse of his daughter’s white, lace glove could be seen parting the velvet curtains just enough to view her surroundings. It was during one of these excursions the that Doctor’s carriage was set upon by fiendish hell hounds. The carriage driver managed to outpace them but not before a hound bit Claudette’s hand.

Hell hounds have a venomous bite and it wasn’t long before Claudette succumbed to it. The poison takes root quickly and death, while slow and painful, is certain. Screams could be heard echoing off the valley slopes. Incessant screaming day and night and then nothing. The silence that followed was brief and soon replaced by the sounds of machinery and explosions. Brilliant flashes turned night into day and then they too ceased. Rumors of dark magicks to bring Claudette back from the dead circulated throughout the surrounding hamlets. These rumors turned out to be true.

Claudette returned from beyond the veil but she brought something back with her. Her eyes flashed open and with supernatural strength she gripped Nikolai’s forearms. In a voice not quite her own she asked, “what have you done?”. With unnatural motion she raged through the laboratory smashing vials and beakers filled with colorful concoctions. Nikolai backed away frozen in horror and unable to act. He finally snapped out of his dazed condition to shout at Claudette before she knocked over a volatile container but it was too late.

The explosion could be heard for miles. Only a thick stone column saved Doctor Grubnov from certain death. What parts of his body and face that were exposed; however, were horribly scarred. Claudette’s body was never recovered and Nikolai grieved once more. Soon after tales of grisly murders began to surface and they all shared a common thread – the attacker wore white gloves..

Nikolai Grubnov

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